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About Us



IPM Electronics was founded with the goal of
providing quality and economical solutions to the electronics
industry in the world. Our company is dedicated to serve with
the industry supply of parts and accessories that are
sometimes hard to find, or had stopped providing our
customers with high quality electronic components, controls
and modules. Having a wide variety of electronic circuits for
various brands. We know how important it is for you to have
the production lines running, and if there is a problem, it is
required quickly to the location of these devices, and that is
why we have the best suppliers in different parts of the United
States, Europe and Asia in order to have their devices or parts

We are an independent distributor of electrical parts, hydraulic
and electronic industry. We have a wide range of components,
electronic equipment and systems, which keeps us at the
forefront of technology, committed to product quality, customer
satisfaction and technology development. In order to fulfill our
commitment to quality, we are waiting for news and
technology trends in order to meet the supply needs of
different industries that require our products, such as industry
and education sector maintenance in the domestic mail.
Our mission is to serve in a planned and ongoing
maintenance needs sector.Since  industry establishment, we
have been and we manteneuestro characterized by an
emphasis on customer service and making available the
widest range of electronic components and industry the

We have public and private clients in the market include
industries that use our services are offered preferred because
of a cost competitive balance and beneficial. Our growth is
based on the response received from our customers and that
the passage of time has proven to be successful, so that the
main interest lies in satisfying them through good service,
delivery and enthusiasm for our work and solutions
appropriate to their needs.

IPM Electronics one of the largest suppliers of
semiconductors and IGBT power modules and wholesaler in
the Europe and northern Mexico, and Europe THROUGH

Digitec Parts & Equipment LLC in USA.

We ship all over the world to serve different continents and
market niches, it is particularly transport, AC and DC servo
motors, AC and DC motor controls, UPS, alternative energy,
medical supplies, welding, heating induction, electric
vehicles, aircraft and appliances. A wide range of everyday
electronic devices and electrical parts used this common
semiconductor and other high-tech equipment: such as
airplanes, automobiles, medical equipment, generators,
windmills and industrial pumps, welding and many other
means of transport.



Copyright 2016 www.ipmelectronics.com

Copyright 2016 www.ipmelectronics.com